The Warrington town centre Business Improvement District (BID) is a defined geographical area in Warrington town centre. Within this area businesses will have the opportunity to vote to support a five year BID which will collectively invest up to £1.8million in a range of projects and services to enhance Warrington town centre as a trading environment.

If approved, Warrington town centre will begin to benefit from this new investment from August 2018, in a similar way that other town and city centres are already doing across the North West. Locations including Chester, Stockport, Northwich, Altrincham, Liverpool and Manchester all have successful BIDs, which are delivering bigger and better events, enhanced marketing and promotion, improvements to the quality of their town centre offer and much more.

The Warrington town centre BID will fund and deliver added value services within the town. The BID will not, and cannot be used to fund services that the council or other public bodies have a statutory duty to provide.

The added value projects and services the BID will deliver shall be managed and controlled by the businesses who will be the principle funders of the BID. The entire project will be business led, with the BID’s funds coming from an additional, mandatory levy on all eligible businesses, with a rateable value greater than £15,000 following a successful ballot.

Many towns across the UK and the United States have seen transformational improvements from BIDs, delivering significant benefits for the businesses that fund and manage the projects. Benefits seen from BIDs include:

The Warrington town centre BID will not replace the statutory activities or services carried out by Warrington Council, Cheshire Police or other public agencies. It is an arrangement under which the Warrington BID team will commission and deliver added value projects and services that enhance Warrington town centre.

Businesses and organisations in the Warrington town centre BID area who have a statutory responsibility to pay Business Rates and a rateable value over £15,000.

The proposal for a BID in Warrington town centre has been developed by the Warrington BID team, a private sector led group of business including representation from key sectors.

BIDs are governed by formal legislation (BID Regulations (England) 2004). This process involves the creation of a formal business proposal upon which every business ratepayer can vote.

Information for applicants

Funding applications for events must be received at least 6 months before an event.

The BID board will meet quarterly to review any applications that have been received.

£500 is ring fenced/allocated each quarter to support smaller scale, charitable projects.

Other in kind support will also be available (eg PR support/management expertise/promotional space etc).

Over 1/3rd of the overall budget for the year will be weighted towards the Oct/Nov/Dec period.

Should a situation arise which makes additional funding available for events, the board may go back to previously unsuccessful applicants which were rejected through lack of funding or budget restrictions.


Download the application form

The levy for the proposed Warrington town centre BID will be 1.5% of a premises rateable value. For the smallest businesses this will cost a daily equivalent of just 61p a day. For the average business across the town centre this cost will be £2.21/day, an investment less than the price of a coffee, which will deliver £1.8million of new investment into the town centre which will deliver higher footfall, greater sales, lower business costs and a better town centre for all businesses.

Business Rates are a statutory local tax levied to fund expenditure by local and national government. Businesses have no direct control over how these funds are spent, and there is no direct linkage between the businesses rates your company pays and quality or quantity of the services Warrington council provides to local residents and business communities.

The BID levy that will be collected is separate your business rates, and will only be invested in additional specific projects and services to improve Warrington Town centre. These additional services will be governed and directed by the private sector led Warrington BID Team, in consultation with all businesses in the BID area.

BID Legislation provides for local authorities to be the billing authority for managing the collection of BID levies.

All money collected by the Council will be paid direct to the Accountable Body. These funds are then invested in projects and services as decided by the business of Warrington town centre, in line with the BID proposal document. The accountable body will be appointed by the Warrington BID team, through an open and transparent tender process.

Yes. Business will receive an annual levy, however the cost of this payment can be spread across 10 smaller payments.

Business Rates and the BID levy are different revenue streams. The Council must collect business rates in line with statutory provisions which are different from the legal provisions surrounding a BID levy.

The Warrington BID Team are working with Groundwork, one of the UKs leading BID development organisations. Groundwork have been involved in BIDs across the Northwest since 2005 and are your first point of contact with any questions.

Contact details:

Greville Kelly (Director)

Email: [email protected]

The Warrington town centre BID will operate for five years, commencing 1st August 2018 and ending in July 2023. Following the five year period, businesses may choose to develop a successor BID in Warrington town centre.